My [Re-]Baptism Statement: Call to Repent and Surrender

Christ brought me back to Him. My memory loss made me wonder if I had truly been saved before. I might not have had a believer's baptism. Eventually, I decided to get re-baptized.

A group of us also wanted God to move more in the church. We had prayed about both non-believers in the church. We also worried about believers apathetic about sin or service. We prayed God give me a message so my baptism would turn others to Him. What I wrote was several minutes long, it had to be a minute or less, I cut it down, and this is what they heard:

"Recently, I’ve seen much loss: divorces, wrecks, respirators, and brain tumors. The youth aren’t spared. Billy Graham said Life is Short. Mine should’ve been shorter, I was close to death, and Christ changed everything. The world is fake but He’s true to His Word.

Some of you don’t believe in Christ. He knows you all by name. We will face Jesus, our judge. He died for our sins, was raised to life, and promised eternal life for all who surrender to Him. If not, you suffer forever. Give your life to Christ, enjoy His peace, and live your real purpose. The right time is always today, always now.

Many others here believe in, but don’t follow, Christ. God’s Word says how we obey and serve now, even small things, affects what He gives next. Not doing this earlier hurt me and probably others. For you, maybe it’s baptism, sinful habits, even jokes that hurt our witness. Or not sharing, serving, or gathering and growing with the church. Whatever it is, please give your lives to Christ, too.

We prayed you be strong enough. We’re praying right now. Use it. When they call later, step forward to show your commitment and the whole church will back you up."

God always uses and blesses obedience whether we see it or not. In this case, He was gracious enough to have a few people tell me about the impact it had. One invited me to serve one Saturday at Memphis Union Mission with them. I had wanted to serve with them over there. I didn't get to until I obeyed God in the "small" thing. See how that works?

What's holding your walk with God back? What part of your life do you need to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ?

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