The Redeemed Prodigal

(A highly-unworthy, equally-unlikely convert bearing witness to the truth about Jesus and His life-transforming power.)

Jesus Christ: Our Savior, Lord, Purpose, and Hope

The Gospel, Proof It's True, and Extras (Spanish)

The Gospel (message) of Jesus Christ in 2 min. Proof it's true like in a courtroom. Optional extras like more of the Bible story with proof no story can do what it does. is public domain: on-site content is free to use, link to, and remix.

How to Grow His Kingdom

Jesus commands us all to share the Gospel, obey it, and teach others to. It's every individuals' duty. This site can get you started in as little as 8 min. Also helps with studying, picking churches, free seminary, etc. is public domain: on-site content is free to use, link to, and remix.

One of Many Sinners Jesus Saved

My Story: From Broken to Monster to Redeemed

My testimony (story) in multiple formats in case it helps any of you. What happened to me proves the Bible is really the Word of God. It also proves Jesus Christ can save anyone.

My Old Sins and Current Struggles

Many think they're too bad to forgive. Too flawed for God to use. Fact is God sent Jesus to die for His enemies. If a sheep strays, our Good Shepherd will bring them back. To inspire hope, here's my sins as an enemy of God followed by some struggles as a Christian. Anything good you've seen is His power He'll work in you. :)

My Baptism Statement

I got re-baptized to make sure it was a believer's baptism. God helped me use the time to turn others toward Jesus Christ.

Other Stuff

Blowing the Whistle on Kroger

Kroger abused workers and customers for years on end. They often made me deal with the damage they caused. Then, they ordered me to lie to customers they were defrauding. Then, they said I couldn't leave. Scripture says love others, expose evil, and fight oppression. I took action to protect my customers and coworkers. They fired me on Sep 7, 2021 for whistleblowing. I kept the site up in case a news story would improve Kroger for the better. One tyrant was forced to retire, though.

Other Articles

They include evangelism, apologetics, and teaching metaphors. If they get good feedback, they might end up on or I've still used a lot of it face-to-face, though. God also grows us as we devote time to His Word and prayer.

You can also contact me here by email if you want. If you have Facebook, you can message me through this page.